Friday, August 4, 2017

StencilGirl Talk - Featured Artist

Hello everyone! And if you're visiting from today's StencilGirl Talk blog post, welcome!

Mermaids are a popular theme and far as stencils go, has a nice selection of them. I was particularly drawn to these two (designed by Jessica Sporn and June Pfaff Daley):

What I love about this stencil pair is how image-rich they are. Every real estate of the 9"x12" mylar surface was used! With such generous oceanic icons, textures, and figures to choose from, it was difficult to decide which image to use. But alas, the mermaids helped guide me on my art journey.

Please enjoy a tutorial video--my watercolor and mixed-media approach to using such beautiful stencils.


Here's a re-cap of the major steps and techniques:

Step 1) Gather your art materials and mermaid stencils. For this exercise, you can use either light modeling paste (Golden) or watercolor ground (Daniel Smith).

Step 2) Make several sheets of stenciled pages by applying the paste or ground with a palette knife. Let dry and set aside. TIP: whatever stenciled images you don't use, you'll now have a convenient supply of marine-themed collage elements to use in a different project.

Step 3) With an x-acto knife, cut your signature pages to make several ocean wave flaps and begin painting a sunset sky with warm shades of watercolors. Let dry.

Step 4) Paint the ocean with several shades of cool blue-shade watercolors. Let dry.

Step 5) Paint directly onto stenciled mermaids with watercolor. TIP: pastes & grounds will readily absorb a lot of watercolor pigment at first; glaze and repeat coats to achieve the right color and saturation.

Step 6) Carefully cut out mermaids and glue all collage elements to finish your journal page.

OPTIONAL: Add any touches of shimmer like glitter or metallic paints as a final detail. I also glazed the sky one more time for a deeper, richer pink (as seen in my finished photo at the very beginning of this blog post).

I hope you enjoyed today’s art lesson as an easy watercolor approach to art journaling using stencils.


Please stay tuned for more video tutorials using StencilGirl Products. I will announce them first via my instagram and will feature them here on my blog.

 Here’s a sneak peek for September’s tutorial video...

and here’s a sneak peek for October.

Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Transparency Collage Article with Cloth Paper Scissors

Hello Friends! Before the summer season zooms right by, I wanted to share my mixed-media article that was featured in Cloth Paper Scissors July/August 2017 issue. I am so honored! It's in newsstands now at your local Barnes & Noble or Jo-Ann store. You can also get your copy here with a digital download option.

Working with Cloth Paper Scissors is such a pleasure. The team is so good to me.
They have created a special adventure issue full of inspiration, ideas, and tips for travel journaling, packing a travel art kit, creating art on-the-go, and lots more.

My article demonstrates how to make a colorful layered page for a midori-style travel journal. Here's a sneak peak:

To add unique dimention, I used Dura-lar transparencies (made by Grafix), watercolor, gouache, oil pastels, washi tape, collage, and more. I wanted to thank Grafix and their team for sending me a sample of their clear films. The company offers a variety of acetate alternatives

As a watercolor and mixed-media artist, this wet-media film was perfect for my CPS project. (I have  purchased some more at

Here's what my craft table looked like right before I sent all the step-outs to my editors.

I hope everyone's have a wonderful summer. Thank you for stopping by!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Enjoy My Recent Podcast Interview with DSS!

Hello everyone! If you're arriving here via Instagram or, welcome!
I had the honor of being interviewed by the lovely Patty Palmer for her Art Made Easy Podcast. We talked about art, creativity, my watercolor journey and so much more. I hope our podcast conversation inspires you..

 • If you're on your mobile and want instant playback, click here.

• If you want to listen directly from iTunes (with the option to subscribe), click here.

 • If you want to visit Patty's blog and get additional show notes, art links and other inspirational resources, click here.

A heartfelt thank you to Patty and her team! 

Enjoy some behind-the-scenes look around the studio:

Here's a shot right before our podcast recording (Patty lives in Santa Barbara and I'm in Chicago). My laptop had to be propped on a crate and an empty storage bin so that my head wouldn't be chopped off while we Skyped. My craft table is full of joyful things--art supplies, paintings...........and coffee.

Here's a before-photo when I have multiple deadlines. And an after-photo when things become calm again or when I have guests coming over. I struggle with clutter everyday. As a working artist and a mom, I try to keep things real. I do have OCD tendencies (e.g. insatiable need to tidy things in rainbow order), but I think that's just the nurse in me. I love my messy stages, too. 

Patty asked me how I became a watercolor teacher. While I was pursuing my nursing degree in Massachusetts, I led children, youth and adult watercolor workshops as a volunteer at a local Audubon Society nature conservancy. Today, I tribute much my art instructor experience to my 5 year old son. He teaches me how to make any art-making process fun, creative, and approachable. He's an awesome studio helper and an art supply test-driver. :)

I love the light in my new studio. I feel so grateful and giddy and inspired to paint in here. For years prior to owning our first home, I blissfully painted wherever I could--at our condo's dining table back in MA or inside the closet of a spare bedroom (at the last house we rented). My husband always wanted to build me an art studio. And finally, that dream came true.

As you can see below, the prior owners used it as a sitting room, painted in a dark burgundy. 


I wanted to paint the walls a clean, light gray color. It took multiple coats of primer. Sorry the image above is so dark; photo was taken in the early evening.

We ripped out the white carpet and installed thick maple hardwood floors throughout the main floor. In neutral cappuccino brown, of course. Adding recessed lights and a chandelier, pulled everything together.

Here's my husband assembling my Pottery Barn hutch desk back together again.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Enjoy My Blooper Video!

Gag reels and bloopers are the stuff of life! :) A huge thanks to the awesome team at!

All 4 DVDs are 15% off at the moment!

Amy Jones, video and instructional producer at F+W Media, wrote such a nice article today about my video series (with additional behind-the-scenes look). 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year and Happy Stamping with Watercolor!

Happy New Year, everyone! 

I want to thank ArtistsNetwork & prooducer/writer Amy Jones for featuring me in their blog post today.

Enjoy an excerpt from one of my art videos, Fun with Watercolor: Printing Effects, where I share a unique watercolor "ink" formulation of gum arabic, dish soap, and gouache that can turn any tube of watercolor into a versatile stamping medium. 

(click on image to preview my dvds/video downloads)

Happy 2017! May you have a joyful, happy, healthy, and blessed new year.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Creative Jumpstart Class Starts Today!

I am so excited to announce that I'll be participating as an instructor for Creative JumpStart (CJS) 2017, run by Nathalie Kalbach in its 6th year. If you're not familiar with CJS, it's a one-of-a-kind online event to kick your creativity into high gear in January 2017. A terrific way to start the new year!

Click HERE to register.

   Learn techniques, discover new materials, and connect with other artists and crafters.

Throughout January, participants get access to 27 downloadable videos from 27 featured artists. I am honored to be one of those artists, called “JumpStarters.” See all the 2017 instructors in this promo video:

To enroll in this exciting online class, enroll HERE.

You get 27 videos for just $40 (USD) if you sign up before November 30th, (11:59pm EST), 2016. Afterwards it will be $45 until December 31st, 2016 before it goes to its normal sale price of $50.


Below is the project you'll be making using watercolor and mixed-media. I use materials like light modeling paste, gouache, gold iridescent ink, crayons and college papers.



I look forward to seeing you in class!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Introducing My NEW Watercolor & Mixed-Media Workshop Videos!!!

Well, hello there and Happy Friday! I have some exciting announcements to share.

Four of my NEW Watercolor and Mixed-media DVD/Videos have just been released and they're available now. I cover traditional and non-traditional resist and texture techniques as well as watercolor monoprinting, inks & dyes, gouache and so more!

If you'd like to buy a dvd or download a video, please purchase HERE (North Light Shop)
If you'd like to subscribe to my videos with unlimited access, please enroll HERE (Artists Network TV)

To celebrate the new product launch today on Black Friday, North Light Shop is doing a promotional special. My new DVDs (retail $26.99) are 50% off and new digital downloads (retail $19.99) are 70% off! Even my 2015 Cloth Paper Scissors Art Lessons are half off. Yay!! I don't know how long this will deal will last, so I'd take advantage now. Relax, watch, learn and save :)

It was a complete honor to be asked by F+W Media/NorthLight Publishing to film these 4 art tutorial dvd/videos. They flew me to Cincinnati this past July, where we filmed at their main studio. Amy Jones, who was my amazing editor and educational/set designer, painted along with me. Enjoy the official preview videos below:

PREVIEW 1: Watercolor Resist Effects

Click here for more product info.

PREVIEW 2: Watercolor and Beyond (all things watermedia)

Click here for more product info.


PREVIEW 3: Watercolor Texture Effects (birch forest landscape)

Click here for more product info.


PREVIEW 4: Watercolor Printing Effects (includes monoprinting)

Click here for more product info.


Enjoy some behind-the-scenes while we were filming.

 My deepest thanks to Amy Jones, Sam Laudner (camera man 1), and Aaron Arnett (camera man 2), and everyone at F+W Media for making this one of the funnest projects I've ever done!

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